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Today I would like to tell you about what an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) card is and the way it can be useful. If you prefer russian, go here.

ESN card is …

Club membership costs 10 euros, in return you get a card and access to:

  • Discounts for drinks at the bar (in the case of Nancy, as a rule, foreigners hang out at Pub Mac Carthy)
  • Vouchers for FlixBus and ryanair tickets, as well as a bunch of other but barely known to me companies
  • Cheap trips and excursions (to Metz, to Oktoberfest, to Strasbourg), which is also a great opportunity to meet other students
  • Lots of international entertainment events
  • Discount on entrance tickets (ISIC type)

There is a legend that not only Erasmus students can receive such a card, but Brazilians, for example;) However, some workers in museums are really attentive, so they do not give a discount.

How to get it

Some useful links right away:

All you need to do is prepare 10 euros in cash, send the law to the faculty and ask for a card. In order not to go in vain, check the page of the organization, where periodically share the schedule, especially if it is different from the usual. Then at home you will need to remove the protective film, insert your photo and glue it again. Voila! This can already be used.

Scheme for orientation in place

But that is not all. I also recommend registering onhttps://esncard.org/user. For me, the search for universities was ambiguous, since they were written unusual. So, if you didn’t find yours right away, do not despair and show imagination: D

Further on this site you can choose your own vouchers. So at one time I took advantage of the 20% discount on FlixBus on Italian destinations.

Also in the ryanair profile there is a special tab for Erasmus students. I somehow did not work out, perhaps due to confusion in the names of universities. But do not despair! My other friends told me that this thing worked. 🙂 Try it yourself: https://esncard.org/ryanair

Account view

And finally, an interesting moment

When I was traveling in Italy, for some reason my student card was not accepted, and the ESN card was! I was so thankful to this organization because it gave 50% of the entrances to most museums with prices above average. I think I saved 40 euro for that week;)

What else?

If you came under the Erasmus program, then there may be more useful information that you will need during the exchange program. You can switch the language on right top corner.