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Caf – fincancial aid for students [EN]


Русская версия.

Students in France have the opportunity to receive financial assistance from a caf (Caisse d’allocations familiales – Family Benefit Fund)

Depending on your situation (marital status, housing area, availability of income) you can receive different benefits. For example, with 9 m2 of a hostel for 253 euro / month, assistance is given in the amount of 85 euro / month, and with 13 m2 for 369 euro – 155 euro / month. Here you can calculate in advance what you can count on.

The sooner you apply the better. Every year something changes, but this document can serve as a starting point.

It is also worth taking into account that this business is done for a very long time. For example, I submitted an application at the end of July, and I received the first accrual as early as October in the period from 01/08/2018 to 09/30/2018, then in November in October and November, and then in the usual way.

These charges do not come to you personally, they come to the hostel account, so later you just have to pay less. Sometimes there may be slight delays, for example, when you have already received help confirmation (visible in the profile), and the hostel manager is not yet. It’s okay, a week or two and everything will be ok.

In general, the procedure is as follows:

  • You create a profile on caf.fr, for this you may need:
    • RIB – relevé d’identité bancaire, i.e. it would be nice to go to the bank first
    • translation of a birth certificate (but what is not there – the mother’s maiden name)
    • certificate of residence, which is issued on arrival
  • By post you will receive an envelope with the № allocataire and a password, but using this good will not work out for you.
  • Soon you will receive a request for documents (visa, translation of a birth certificate, passport, certificate of residence), which need to be brought into the office. There is a better option: in early September, the hostels post an advertisement about when the caf staff will accept documents and answer your questions right in your dorm. I am not sure about February.
  • After a while, when your documents are confirmed, you can use the № allocataire and the password to login your account and monitor the situation.
  • After a while, you will occasionally be asked to add some information, such as the Titre de séjour or scholarship certificate. This can be done online by sending photos of the required documents.
  • Voila, you get first aid, as a rule, more, with which you can happily stomp at the reception desk and pay less, and maybe not even pay.

Information is not confirmed, but the legend goes that the term of the visa must be more than 6 months. So if there is an opportunity, ask for extra time to travel after the program at the visa application center to take advantage of this.

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